Sunday, October 30, 2011

How the West [will be] Won on!: The 2011 USCL Finale Part 1

Live or Let Die: The Dallas Destiny and the Miami Sharks Duke it off for a Critical Playoff Spot
GM Chirila- GM Becerra 1/2-1/2 Becerra will equalize in a theoretical Ruy Lopez.....
GM Sadorra- FM Rodriguez 1-0
IM Holt-FM Pelaez 1-0  Pelaez has shocked me in previously but I'm gonna go with the rating favorite
Rosenthal-Xiong 0-1

With a moe in mind, The Dallas Destiny shall win 3-1.... till next year Miami

The Other Play-off Contender the SF Mechanics vs the Spoilers: The St Louis ArchBishops 
 For the second time in three weeks, St Louis threatens to place Naka on board 1 and changes their line up: Perhaps a Hollaween taunt?
GM Kraai- IM Vojinovic 1-0 With the white pieces and last week's GOTW under his belt, Kraai's chances are good!
FM Banawa- IM Naroditsky 0-1
Liou-Eckert 1-0
Karlow-Rumph 1-0

Since SF shall be hungry for a play off spot and has a big rating edge no moe  here.... SF wins 3-1

The Smoothly Sailing Chicago Blaze vs the Ever-so Desperate Arizona Scorpions
With last week's loss, Chicago has come back with a strong line-up (but is still saving its heavy 2500+ lineup for the playoffs!)
GM Shulman-IM Molner 1-0
IM Altounian-IM Felecan 1-0 Felecan will go for complications and end up down too much material!
IM Young-FM Adamson 1-0
FM Atoufi-Menon 0-1

and Chicago says goodbye to Arizona's season as Chicago Wins 3-1... no moe of here because Arizona will play desperate to win-- no draws

The One game with Little Play-off Implications : The LA Vibe vs the Seattle Sluggers
WGM Abrahamyan-IM Orlov 1-0 Very close call between two tacticians: Tatev has the momentum!
FM Milat-FM Casella 1-0
Kavutskiy-WGM Rohonyan 1/2-1/2 Kavutsiky won their 2010 encounter... Now is time to make peace!
Feng-Lu 1-0 Don't much about either of these kids but Feng surprised me with a few upsets this season

and Seattle wins 2.5-1.5 (disclaimer: last week an anonymous commented I've been predicting against LA too much... Maybe perhaps so but with a low avg 2278 this week, its hard to go in their favor)

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