Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mr. E's take on Interdivision Week: Let the Rumbles begin!!

Before we start, lets just give it up for the YANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!  SHIP IT DETROIT!!!!!!! WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS 2011 HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!! 

First off, we see The Roller Coaster Carolina Cobras vs the 2 GM strong Dallas Destiny

Dallas must have been influenced by the likes of NY, Chicago, St Louis etc... putting up 2 GMS.. Don't think they ever did that before- feel free to correct me on that one:) 

IM Matros -GM Chirila 1/2-1/2 A few weeks, not knowing Matros,  I incorrectly predicted he'd lose to the GM strength Milman... That time he was black... Having white he should hold down the fort.
GM Sadorra- IM Battaglini 1-0
FM Klein-IM Holt 0-1 Holt's been playing monsterly this season with a 3.5 score and GOTW to boot
 FM Xiong- Mabe  0-1 Mabe has a dismal USCL history with 0-3, all with the white pieces.. With a rating edge and the white pieces, he's gonna show some power.

One for the West: Dallas wins 2.5-1.5 

Love (or Hatred?) at first Sight: The Boston Blitz and the Arizona Scorpions Duel for the 1st time
Boston is likely going on tilt here after two losses putting in a sub-par line up
GM Christiansen- IM Molner 1-0
IM Altounian- FM Griego 1-0
Krasik-FM Adamson 0-1
FM Atoufi- Mosiyenko 1-0
That's two for the West: Arizona wins 3-1 (I'm relatively confident in my predictions so no moe here)

While the Yanks will be handing the Tigers their 3rd consecutive Defeat, the NY Knights Shall Hold No Forces Back against the Seattle Sluggers

GM Charbonneau- GM Akobian 0-1 (Prove me wrong Pascal!)
IM Orlov- GM Fedorowicz 0-1 Fed= big Yankee Fan as the Yanks win, Fed will follow suit!
Herman-Kelley 1-0 With a new Jewish year and a nice mention in the NY Times, Herman will get a nice new fresh start!
Feng-Gershenov 1/2-1/2

Mi Amigos the NY Knights shall take the lead in the East as they win 2.5-1.5!

Another Blind Date: the Under-performing NJ Knockouts meet the So So-performing LA Vibe!!!
 GM Benjamin-GM Khaciyan 1-0
WGM Abrahamyan-IM Ippolito 1/2-1/2
Sherer- FM Casella 0-1 ( I'm surprised NJ couldn't find someone closer to 2000)
Kavutskiy-Matlin 1-0
and my prediction is forced to change:  The LA Vibe win 2.5-1.5

And the West shall unfortunately defeat the the East 3-1 

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