Friday, October 21, 2011

Rabin Returns to NY for the Weekend: World Famous 4RGT!

I am in NY for the weekend for tonight's Tedeschi- Trucks Band concert... Post on that to come up soon.

Here's one of my games from last night against GM Kekelidze. I sacked a pawn in an interesting line of the Queen's Indian and had my fare of chances at one point... At one point, he agreed I was likely winning but in the final mutual scramble, I tried to simplify into what I thought I was an equal endgame without many winning chances for either side.. However unfortunately, the GM begged to differ and convincingly took out the whole point...

I won my three other games and tied for the 3rd and the u2200 prize with Leif Pressman, Edward Kopiecki and Vladimir Polyakin. GM Kekelidze drew IM Bonin in the last round in a long struggle that led to an opposite-colored bishops ending to tie for first.

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