Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rabin's Perception of the 2011 USCL Season's Week 8: Part 2!

In pure match points, I was PERFECT last night 4/4.... With a little bit of luck:) I only got 6/16 match points.
The Rather Successful Comeback Kids aka. the NE Nor'easters vs the Rather Desperate NJ Knockouts

IM Hungaski-GM Benjamin 1/2-1/2 I'm expecting a relatively quiet Caro- Kann draw
IM Kapengut-IM Vigorito 1/2-1/2
Cherniack-Ng 1-0
Matlin-Fikiet  0-1

and New England will survive, ending NJ's playoff chances as with a moe, NE will win 2.5-1.5!

The Middle of the Pack Manhattan Apple Sauce vs the Strikingly Distant Baltimore Kingfishers
IM Vovsha- GM Margvelashvili 0-1
GM Kaufman-IM Schneider 1/2-1/2
FM Zaremba-IM Enkhbhat 1-0
Yang-Prilleltensky 0-1

and Manhattan will solidify a third place position as Manhattan will win 2.5-1.5

The Unpredictable Miami Sharks take on a Ridiculously Watered-down St. Louis Arch Bishops
If it was one of the Amateur Team Championships, St. Louis would have a decent team... wrong event
GM Becerra-FM Banawa 1-0
Cao-FM Olivera  1/2-1/2 I'm thinking Olivera will leave the game = as his teammates have big edges..
FM Rodriguez-Karlow  1-0
Hua-Rosenthal 0-1
and Miami wins 3.5-.5: Any reader knows I rarely predict such big margins but with such a big rating gap, its seems likely.

The Dallas Destiny vs the Relatively "Weak" Chicago Blaze Duke it Out
Chicago's team is by no means weak at super strong 2456 but is slightly weaker than previous weeks. 
GM Chirila- GM Friedel 1/2-1/2 ( Friedel won't push as a match draw clinches the division)
GM Gurevich-IM Holt 1-0
FM Kiewra-Rosen 1-0
FM Dean-FM Xiong1/2-1/2 ( same reasoning as Chirila-Friedel!)
and Chicago's "weak" team clinches the Western division with a Drawn Match 2-2!


  1. manhattan is playing baltimore not the cobras.

    Predicting Kiewra to beat Rosen is a major upset. I would be shocked at that result.

  2. -1st pt true... was a slip on my part- had the Baltimore players on there.
    -2nd pt- Where do you get that from? Kiewra is a favorite by title, 100 rating points and the white pieces to boot. Rosen certainly has fighting chances but seems to be an underdog.

  3. Rosen is 2400+ uscf up-to-date, so he was more like a 40 point "underdog" rather than 100.

  4. yah yah whatever rabin
    Dallas Destiny

    Chicago Blaze
    GM Cristian Chirila: 2565 0.0
    GM Josh Friedel: 2609
    IM Conrad Holt: 2520 0.5
    GM Dmitry Gurevich: 2547
    FM Keaton Kiewra: 2436 0.0
    NM Eric Rosen: 2333
    FM Jeffrey Xiong: 2237 0.0
    FM Jim Dean: 2336
    Avg Rating: 2440

    Avg Rating: 2456
    Dallas Total -------
    ------- Chicago Total