Monday, October 31, 2011

Who Shall Play Chicago in the Championship: The End of the 2011 Regular Season for the East

Tonight the Western playoffs were decided: Chicago, LA, SF and Dallas... However, too be honest as I claimed a few weeks ago, I honestly don't think any of them have a great chance against Chicago, assuming they will show off their dominating 2512 line up: Shulman/Friedel/Amanov/Schmakel throughout......... (That's my take- Please try to convince me otherwise!)

The New Joisy Knockouts Seek to Play Spoiler Again Against the Serious Business Bahstan Blitz 
GM Benjamin-GM Perelshteyn 1-0 was a toss-up to me between Benjamin winning and drawing and Perelyshteyn hasn't played much lately...
IM van de Mortel-GM Gulko 1/2-1/2
IM Kapengut-Krasik 1-0
Mosiyenko- Matlin 1-0
and NJ shall be a spoiler again! NJ Wins 2.5-1.5

My Chums the NY Knights Seek to Take Over the #1 Spot From the Impressive Philly Inventors
GM Charbonneau-GM Erenburg 1-0 a toss-up between two strong dynamic GMs but given Charb's impressive win against Akobian, I think he'll continue his winning ways!
FM Bartell-IM Krush 1/2-1/2 ( there won't be too many complications here- quiet queen-pawn opening)
Herman-IM Bonin 1/2-1/2
Fisher-Gershenov 1-0 (they drew two weeks ago but with the white pieces, Fisher should be a favorite: Prove me wrong Ben!)
and a Drawn Match 2-2 will give Philly the 2011 Eastern title

More Spoilers : the Carolina Cobras take on the Ever-so-solid Manhattan Applesauce 
I truly was excited for Carolina, when they started this season 2-2 showing they had a contending team.. Hopefully next year  they'll get some more recruits and make the play-offs again.
IM Schroer-IM Milman 0-1(why go against last year's result between ex-teamates?!)
IM Bartholomew-FM Korley 1-0
FM Simpson-FM Mandizha 0-1 Mandizha will want to prove him self after 3/4 draws and Simpson is a wild player who will give him winning chances!
Prilleltensky-Jones 1/2-1/2
and with a moe in mind, Manhattan will win 3-1 contending for a play-off spot

And Yet Another Spoiler Team The Baltimore Kingfishers Duel The NE Nor'easters
GM Margvelashvili-GM Shankland 0-1
IM Hungaski-IM Enkhbat 1-0 ( A repeat of last year's result!)
Defibaugh-FM Bournival 1-0
Brattain-Zimmer 0-1
and the Baltimore Kingfisher's will succeed in being spoilers as we shall see a Drawn Match 2-2

Thus we shall see in the playoffs 1)Philly 2)NY 3) Manhattan 4) NE
Yup that's right we shall see a Subway Series in the quarterfinals!!!


  1. His name is Schmakel. Remember it!

  2. Lest you get Schmakel-ed down!

  3. Fair enough... Name is now corrected.