Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Beginning of the End of the 2011 USCL Western Division: The Quarterfinals

The Back to GGGg Status Chicago Blaze take on the Challengers: The Dallas Destiny
GM Shulman- GM Chirila 1-0 Shulman's win against Molner last week shows he is serious business!
GM Sadorra- GM Friedel 0-1 At first I was going to say draw here, but with draw odds, Sadorra will push too hard.
GM Amanov-GM Holt 1/2-1/2  I'd give Amanov an edge but I don't think he'll push too hard after Holt equalizes
FM Xiong-Schmakel 0-1 There's no stopping the 4-0 Schmakel

3.5-.5 seems like too big of a margin... I'll take some moe and say Chicago will win 3-1!
( I made a small correction here as I meant to say Amanov would draw Holt)

The Other GGGg team the SF Mechanics Seek to Overcome LA Vibe's Draw Odds
GM Wolff-IM Matikozyan 1-0 Wolff is historically stronger with white and has a nice rating edge!
IM Amanov- GM Bhat 1-0 Both have had great seasons so far.... I'm gonna go with my first instincts and say Amanov will score an upset!
GM Kraai-IM Abrahamyan 1-0 GM Kraai will go for a slow positional grind.
Kavutskiy-Byambaa 1-0

thus, as the white pieces score 100%, a drawn match 2-2 will say good bye to SF's season