Sunday, November 13, 2011

The End is Looming: The 2011 USCL Semi Finals!!!!

The Subway Series: The Mighty Manhattan Applesauce vs the Nauseating New York Knights 
With last week's swindle against Boston, NY appropiatlely gets the quality of "nauseating"
GM Stripunsky- GM Kacheishvili 1/2-1/2 They drew three times in USCL history- why not again?!
IM Krush-Bartholomew 1-0 Krush drew two games thus far this season with black and shall prove her point with the white fellows!
FM Mandizha-"GM" Pressman 1-0 I hate to predict against the "gm" but with white, I forsee Mandizha increasing his mini winning streak to 3 games
Williams- Black 1-0 Two schoolmates who were mentioned together in the NY Times duke it out for what will likely decide which team will move on to the championship. With the white pieces and a more solid style, I'm gonna go with Williams winning.

and Krush and Williams will lead NY to a 2.5-1.5  victory!

The GGGg Dominating Chicago Blaze vs the Underdog LA Blaze
Too be honest, I think with draw odds, even LA's best lineup wouldn't be so great, but with this surprisingly u2400 line up,  I think LA's chances are grim.
GM Shulman- GM Khaciyan 1/2-1/2 I don't expect Shulman to push too hard due to match conditions
IM Amanov-GM Friedel 0-1 Close call as Amanov has an incredible 100% score with white but I predict he'll go a little too crazy here due to draw odds and Friedel will earn the full point
GM Gurevich-WGM Abrahmyan 1/2-1/2 similar logic to Shulman-Khaciyan
Lu-Schmakel 0-1 There's no stopping the "5-0 perfect" Schmakel!

and Chicago will win 3-1  too challenge NY in the Championship!


  1. abrahamyan is WGM not IM

  2. Manhattan wins 3-1

  3. Lu-Schmakel 0-1 There's no stopping the "5-0 perfect" Schmakel!

    Haha I think Albert's gonna play the London

  4. jk I know exactly what hes gonna play... its funny

  5. how about knight sack today, here comes the hot sauce!

  6. Bad NY knights lineup=Applesauce party. AKA Krush up fucked up you self-centered bitch, shoulda let your ex hubby play but nah u wanted all the glory huh?!!????

  7. To a certain extent I am pleased by the number of comments. However, it would be nice if the anonymous(s)(not sure how many people are actually posting) would post your name(s). Especially if you are going to outright criticize someone, i.e, Krush, you should have the courage to show your name.

  8. Seriously guys, if you're going to speak so critical you should post your real name.

    I'm being critical right now, and I'm not afraid to post my real name.

    Also it doesn't take more than a second's thought to figure out *who* the NY hater is...

  9. Also please learn how to spell "appropriately."

    Excellent blog otherwise!

  10. i think pretty much the whole USCL community hates New York...