Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rabin' s Somewhat Sucessful Return to the Boylston Club

While I procrastinate a little more from all these final papers I have to write, I'll prove to my readers that this blog hasn't become a USCL predictions blog and that I haven't fell out of the blogosphere.

In other news, I played at the Boylston Sunday for the first time since the summer in the 2011 Greg Hager Memorial and tied for first with FM Christopher Chase. Other than our fought-out round 3 draw ( see below), we each beat three lower rated opponents. One notable player though was the fellow Brandeis King Killer Adam Grossack  who is severely underrated at 1175 and beat an 1800 in the first round. Most of you probably don't know he is a national bridge champion---- Skills will transfer over to chess!

Here's my madness (OK. not quite) against Chase. In short he played a sideline which led to a pretty level endgame early on. I played a little too passively and gave him a slightly better game but he never had any serious winning chances.

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