Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who Shall Remain Supreme in the 2011 USCL Eastern Division?: Quarterfinals Edition

Okay...... My margins we're quite off last night. As a matter of fact I predicted both match points wrong but with my friend named "Draw Odds" I guessed the two teams who were fortunate enough to qualify for the semi-finals: the Chicago Blaze and LA Blaze. Game points wise I was at 4/8: 50%.

The Surprising Division Champs the Philly Inventors vs the Power Hungry Manhattan Applesauce
GM Panchanathan- GM Stripunsky 1/2-1/2 Its a hard call as Strip won with with black in week 9. However, numbers wise I don't think he'll lose again.
IM Bartholomew-FM Bartell 1-0 They drew their week 9 encounter.... This time with draw odds on the table, Bartholomew will be hungry for the point!
IM Bonin-FM Mandizha1/2-1/2 The Bone said it himself: he'll be fine with a draw!
Black-Fisher 0-1 There's no stopping Fisher's dominant (8.5/9) record... To boot, he also went 5-0 in last weekend's Eastern Team Championship

and a drawn match 2-2, will send Philly to its first semi-finals!

The Real Deal that is Bound to Send Criticism My Way:): The NY Knights vs the Bahstan Blitz 
 GM Kascheisvili-Sammour 1-0 Last time, Sammour pulled of an upset, but Georgi is still a favorite!
IM Catdog Esserman vs HOF Fedorowicz 1/2-1/2 another Morra declined shall lead to peace!
Herman-Martirosov 1/2-1/2 Herman is overall a stronger player than Martirosov but has some trouble against him (0-2 in the league)... Lets take baby steps to build back his score-- draw this time!
Krasik-Bodek 1-0 Krasik is angry he lost a dead-won game in their last encounter: Rematch time!

and another drawn match 2-2 sends NY to play Philly for a third time in 4 weeks!


  1. How do u figure someone is stronger when he takes it up the a.. twice with white, rating is just a fluxuating number don't get hung up on it

  2. did the blitz win ??

  3. hahaha Classic Krasik screwing the pooch!

  4. Classic Ammon coward who can't even sign his name, grow some balls please