Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another week, Another Pretty Good Outing at the Boylston: Back over 2200:)

Some of my greatest chess results have happened in my spur of the moment tournaments. Just the other night I was on the phone with my friend Rob Guevera, congratulating him on his recent tie for first at the National Chess Congress U 2200 section, and we talked about the fact that I haven't been playing as much recently. While my relative inactivity is due to tons of school work and the job search, we agreed that along with making  a tournament schedule in advance, it has likely made be more consistent as a chess player. Despite our agreement however, my body woke me up at 7:20 today just in time to run to the 7:51 commuter rail to make the Boylston on time for the 1st round of today's Quad.... While I didn't make too much progress on my papers, I played pretty well and jumped back over the magic 2200:)

For the second week in a a row, I played the infamous FM Chris Chase. I'm still in the clear (-) against Chase, but fortunately minimized that minus score by 1. In a Reti, I relatively easily equalized and successfully launched a quick attack which ended in him having to sacrifice his queen to avoid forced mate!
In the second round, I played Robert Perez, whom I have recently struggled against a few times at the Waltham Chess Club.. Fortunately, this time I did a little better drawing. However, white the white pieces and a relatively dry position from a closed position, there's nothing to ride home about, Anyways: here it is:
After chickening out for a quick draw in the last round, I let Perez get clear first in the quad 2.5/3. I finished with 2/3 and picked up 27 pts though... Ill take it.
In other interesting news, while I was waiting for the shuttle back to Brandeis I was amused to see that Occupy Harvard has caused the yard to be closed to the public: 


  1. In the Chase game, Bc3 looks wrong for him.

  2. Evan,

    I heard on Friday that you think you can beat me in a match. I want to play you. You're not as good as you claim to be. When you come to Long Island let me know and we can arrange for the match. Everyone here knows you stopped coming because you lost to a 75 year old man around 1800 the last time you played.