Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clear your Calendars: February 2nd Zilbermintz Gambit Theoretical Match


Match Arbiter Nick Panico's Description: 
MATCH HEADLINE: NM Evan Rabin (ICC: swlabr) will be taking on gambiteer Lev Zilbermintz (ICC: Levius) in a theoretical Zilbermintz Gambit Blitz match to be held on ICC, February 2, Thursday, 9PM 2012. This is a 10 game match, 5 0 time control, with Evan playing all games as white, and Lev playing all games with black. The opening moves are 1. d4 e5 2. dxe5 Nc6 3. Nf3 Nge7!?; the starting position of the Zilbermintz Gambit. Personally, I find this move to be a better reply than the historical 3...Qe7 known as the Englund Gambit or 3...d6 Blackburne Hartlaub Gambit. I look forward to watching this match and and hope we have a good turnout in the ICC room that evening. If both players agree to a short 10 minute break after Round 5 that can be accommodated.This match is promoted to spread awareness of the Zilbermintz Gambit. Evan is debating it is unsound while Lev is debating that is sound despite the claims of recent NIC author, Valery Bronznik, of 1. d4 Beating the Guerrillas.
The match is now featured as an upcoming live event on ICC: http://www.chessclub.com/activities/relays.html


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  2. I am excited to see this match unfold. I will have l to study up on my theory! -Adia, NYC

  3. Hah! I will have to watch. Good luck!

  4. Thanks Todd and Adia.... Adia please don't waste your time studying such trash:)

  5. Evan, if it comes down to a longer time control, I will most definitely beat you. I will soon rejoin the Marshall Chess Club. You are welcome to come and play me a 30-minute game then.

    The 5 0 blitz match is good, but may I publicly point out that there is one flaw? It is that in blitz, blunders by both sides are common. In longer time control games, the chance for blunders decreases.

    Valeri Bronznik declined to accept my challenge of a correspondence match or ICC match. Coming from an International Master such as him, that is nothing short of cowardice.

    He should have accepted the challenge and defended what he wrote.

  6. Looking forward to watching it. I have independantly experimented with similar lines in blitz on ICC. Should be fun to watch. I am knightrunner on ICC.