Monday, February 6, 2012

A Game of Pure Comedy at the Brown University Open

On Saturday I played in the 2012 Brown University Open in Providence, RI.  The Brown Student Erdenetulga Rentsen and the young master Christopher Gu topped the open section each scoring 3.5/4. To the contrary, I had a mediocre performance scoring 2/4 against a 1700 and 3 relatively strong masters.

A normal blogger would show you one of my games against the masters, but that's not me.. Instead I am going to show your my first round madness, where my opponent and I shared a large mental lapse.
Out of the opening I obtained a large opening advantage and ended up winning a piece. Afterwards, my opponent shockingly castled queenside immediately, with my bishop being on Bg5 attacking the d8 square.   Yes, I do teach beginners that they can't castle through check. However, I did not think of it being illegal at the time and quickly took his rook on d8. As he was now a down a clear rook, he resigned a few moves later...... Not too make a silly excuse for such a silly mutual mistake, but a few years ago when playing an IM in New York ( I won't mention the name to save face), he tried to castle after he already moved his king. So I'm not the only one to miss simple illegal moves!


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