Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kurt Rosenwinkel Wows the Crowd at the Regatta Bar

Last night, March 14, I celebrated the end of those obnoxious take-home midterms with a nice upbeat yet relaxing evening with Kurt Rosenwinkel at the Charles Hotel's Regatta Bar in Harvard Square. Admittedly, due to my jazz naiveness, I have not heard of Rosenwinkel before my friend mentioned he was going to the concert on his Facebook page and wanted people to go.  

Than again, jazz knowledge has never been my forte. A few years ago a chess friend FM Bartell was looking at the music on my Ipod. When I asked him what he thought of my collection, he exclaimed something on the lines of, "It's great Evan, but there's not nearly enough jazz on here!" Anyways, since then I have been on the search for more jazz. As some of my loyal readers shall know, I am a big fan of the Fat Cat in Manhattan, a $3 cover charged dive bar with live jazz every night. With that said, I am still in the learning curve to speak of great jazz musicians: Please feel free to give some recommendations! 

Anyways, on to Rosenwinkel!: His 11/2 hr set (his second of the night) was absolutely incredible. His set had a common thread, in which his songs mostly started soft and got substantially louder and faster. Almost all of the audience members were shaking their heads going along with the music. From time to time I would close my eyes and truly see wonders.  To be truthful though, its hard for me to truly portray his music myself: you have to go see him! 

For now though, here's a sample of him playing John Coltrane's "Giant Steps." (Of course I was biased and had to pick one his videos from his time in Tel Aviv. He spent a few months teaching at the Rimon school of music.) 


  1. This guy deletes your posts if you have a voice of opposition. He is clearly a "censorist".

    1. please post your previous comment again. I read it on my email as I got the notification but for some reason I couldn't see it: I did not delete it.