Sunday, April 1, 2012

3 Generations of the Yard Birds on One Stage Playing "Layla"

About a year ago, I started a tradition that every time I pull an all-nighter or at least very late night for a paper or assignment, I play a rendition of one of my favorite songs ever "Layla". This time around is no exception: I listened to a performance Clapton did with Beck and Page at MSG in 1983, 22 years before I saw Clapton for the first time at 2005 Cream reunion at the same place.

I will be in New York for Spring Break next week and am hoping to catch at least one Furthur show at the Beacon, but of course tickets are sold out and StubHub/Craigslist prices are up the wazoo, so we'll see if get lucky... Of course if I do, you can expect a review:)

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  1. Took me back to my youth ....BRILLIANT!