Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rabin Predicts the Results of the 2012 USCL Season's Week 3: Western Edition

Ok, its true-- I wasn't quite "Back in the High Life Again" last Wednesday evening, as I promised my readers I would be. I did a mediocre job, predicting 2/4 matches and 7/16 games correctly. However, I certainly did better than two nights before that (0/4 matches, 3/16 games)! It's getting better all the time, so I'm optimistic with my predictions for tomorrow night!

I squeezed another Beatles reference in there for the Jewish New Year.. !שׁנה טובה לכולם 

Of course most chess players won't be taking off for the holiday the next two days though, so lets get to business! 

The Miami Sharks and Dallas Destiny Shall Try to Break their 6.5-6.5 Lifetime Tied Record

13 games is a long amount to still be tied, especially in team play! 

SM Perez- GM Sadorra 0-1 Perez has yet to show his quick improvements he had in the last year or so this season. Anything is possible, but he's playing his highest rated opponent yet this season and is 0-2 so far, so I'll have to give Sadorra the edge. 

FM Getz- FM Rodriguez 1-0 My fellow New Yorker is going to bore Rodriguez to death! 

Alvarez- FM Xiong 0-1 Instincts! 

Chiang- Rosenthal 1-0 Rosenthal is one of those perennial USCL upset machines, so you never know what to expect, but something tells me Chiang is more likely to come through. 

4-0 seems like too much... with a margin of error in mind, Dallas will win 3.5-.5 

The St. Louis Arch Bishops Wants to Even Up its Lifetime Record Against the San Francisco Mechanics 

GM Finegold- GM Bhat 1-0 It took me a while to decide between Finegold winning, or drawing. He came through last week against Huschenbeth when I predicted a draw, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt! 

FM Liou- IM Kannappan 0-1 So far, I predicted he'd beat Perez and Kaufman, so why not Liou too?! ( oh yeah, that rhymed!) 

IM Bregadze- FM Sevian 1-0 Georgian school boy shall beat US young tactician here! 

FM Lee- Larson 1-0 Larson did beat Selzler last week so is obviously capable of upsets, but with the white pieces and big rating edge, you've got to give Lee the edge! 

St. Louis Wins 3-1. While San Francisco has a 70 point rating edge in this match, all of its' eggs come from one basket on board 4. On all the other boards, St. Louis has rating edges. 

Love or Hate at First Sight-TBD: The Carolina Cobras vs The LA Vibe

IM Schroer- IM Amanov 1-0 If Schroer, can upset a bunch of GMS, why not do the same to an IM?! 

WGM Abrahamyan- FM Korley 1-0 Korley often surprises me, beating the likes of Kekelidze. Instincts tell me Abrahamyan will succeed in this struggle though! 

Jones- Kavutskiy 1/2-1/2 two solid players!  

FM Casella- Swaminathan 1-0 Casella never draws in the USCL! 

LA Edges out the Victory 2.5-1.5 

Last But Not Least, The Seattle Sluggers and the Arizona Scorpions Shall Attempt to Break Their 3.5-1.5 Tied Lifetime Score 

GM Akobian- IM Molner 1-0 Akobian is fresh from helping out the U.S team at the Olympiad and probably has some opening preparation up his sleeve. In 2009, I was rooming with Molner at the Chicago Open, when they drew in a wild Caro Kann. That time Molner was white. 

IM Ginsburg- IM Orlov 1/2-1/2 Ginsburg will win the opening battle and get a reasonable advantage, but it won't lead to victory! 

Sinanan- FM Adamson 0-1 Instincts here! 

FM Atoufi- Feng 1-0 Last year, they drew when Feng had the white pieces.. With colors reversed, I think Atoufi will give his team a point! 

and Arizona will have a plus lifetime record against Seattle: Arizona wins 2.5-1.5

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