Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rabin's Express Predictions for the 2012 USCL Season Week 3 : Eastern Edition

I didn't do too great Monday Night. I got 1/4 match predictions and 6/16 game predictions correct. Let's see what results, we shall see tonight! As I've been pretty busy the last few days , I'm not going to explain all of my predictions this time. Just bear with me; they're all my objective predictions!

For my express predictions, why not share the Marrakesh Express?!

The New York Knights vs the Boston Blitz: a Mirror Image of the Yankee's 2-1 Score Against the Red Sox Last Week! 

GM Kacheishvili- GM Perelshteyn 1-0
FM Gulamali- SM Herman 0-1
Williams- Vilenchuk 1/2-1/2
Krasik-Katz 1-0

and just like the Yankees gave the Red Sox one more spanking last week, the NY will win 2.5-1.5

The Philadelphia Inventors and the New Jersey Knockouts Attempt to Break Their 3-3 Tied Lifetime Record

GM Erenburg- GM Stripunsky 1-0
GM Benjamin- SM Fisher 1-0
SM Minear- Wu 1-0
Burke-FM Shahade 0-1

and Philadelphia shall get a plus record against NJ! Philadelphia wins 3-1

The Manhattan Applesauce Attempts to beat the New England Nor'easters For the First Time 
( currently 2-0 NE) 

GM Ivanov- IM Vovsha 1-0
IM Schneider- FM Riordan 1-0
IM Yedidia- IM Milman 1/2-1/2
Smith- Goldberg 0-1

and New England will keep its lifetime perfect record against Manhattan: New England wins 2.5-1.5

The New Monster in the League, the Connecticut Dreadnoughts Duke it out with the Veteran Baltimore Kingfishers 

GM Hess- GM Margelashvili 1-0
GM Kaufman- GM Kekelidze 0-1
Harris- Defibaugh 1/2-1/2
Zimmer-Colas 1/2-1/2

and Connecticut shall do some damage. Connecticut Wins 3-1

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