Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Second Set of Predictions for 2012: The Western Division Opener!

I did pretty good in my predictions for last night, predicting three out of the four match points correctly. Manhattan drew New York when I thought they'd win. GM Romamenko surprised me by defeating Gelashvili, which would have helped my match point prediction, but to the contrary Bodek beat Zaikov.

On the other hand, I had somewhat subpar performance on my game points predictions, getting 43.75% correctly. I did pretty good on the first three matches, getting 7/12 on those but got an "0 for 4" for Baltimore-Philadelphia. Ironically, by predicting all four games incorrectly in that match, I the four games that led to a drawn match, allowed my match prediction be correct! Let's see how I do tonight!

Tonight we're going to be truckin' around the West Coast!

The Always Strong Miami Sharks vs the St Louis Arch Bishops Who Lost Hikaru

GM Becerra- GM Finegold 1-0 It will be a close call but Becerra is a USCL beast!

IM Priyadharshan- SM Perez 1-0 I know absolutely nothing about IM Priyadharshan; I'm gonna go on a whim and say he'll come out ahead with the white pieces.

FM Rodriguez- FM Eckert Rodriguez 1-0 coming back from a summer of chess in Europe, Rodriguez should be a favorite!

Hendrickson- Rosenthal 1-0 Rosenthal, who dealt plenty of upsets in previous seasons of the USCL, is quite unpredictable. However, with the white pieces and higher rating, I'll give Hendrickson an edge in his league debut.

And we shall see a Drawn Match 2-2!

The Veteran San Francisco Mechanics vs the Guys who Returned to the Western Division; the Carolina Cobras

GM Bhat- IM Schroer 1-0 Schroer is pretty solid, but with the black pieces, I don't think he'll hold agains Bhat.

FM Korley- GM Kraai 0-1 My fellow New Yorker Korley often does surprise some higher rated players but to be objective, I think Kraai has an edge!

FM Sevian- FM Simpson 0-1 Both players have had disappointing seasons in 2011. While I think Sevian, might objectively be a stronger player, my instincts tell me experience will outweigh youth here!

Mu- Wheeler 1-0 As Mu won the u2200 section of the 2011 World Open, ahead of myself and a few others who tied for second, I know he has a lot of stamina!

And Carolina will surprise the Mechanics with an upset draw! Drawn match 2-2

The Dallas Destiny Shall Seek to Even Up Their Lifetime Score Against the Seattle Sluggers

GM Chirila- FM Cozianu 1-0 GM and white pieces... hard to predict against Chirila

FM Mikhailuk- IM Wang 1/2-1/2 As he shown in years passed, Mikhailuk is considerably stronger with white than black. I think he'll try to play pretty solidly and Wang won't be able to win the full point

Safin- FM Collyer 1-0 I know absolutely nothing about either of these players, so I'll guess the guy with the higher rating and white pieces will win!

Lessler- Chiang 1/2-1/2 Wild Guess!
As I don't really know any of these players well, I'll have to give myself some margin of error on this one! Dallas wins 2.5-1.5

The LA Vibe and the Arizona Scorpions will break their 1.5-1.5 Lifetime Score!

IM Matikozyan- IM Molner 1/2-1/2 Molner will likely be the one pushing at the end, but peace will be the ultimate result!

IM Altounian- FM Kavutskiy 1-0 The white pieces and experience will give Altounian justice in this game!

FM Akopyan- IM Ginsburg 0-1 Akopyan is another mystery to me but with Ginsburg's superb opening preparation, I think he'll get the full point.

WFM Mateer- Korba 1-0. I first wrote Mateer would be an underdog against Casella but with a higher rating, more time on the clock than Korba,  and the white pieces to boot, I think she'll win! 

Arizona will jump ahead in their lifetime score: Arizona wins 3.5-.5


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