Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Destined Results of the 2012 USCL Season's First Interdivision Week

What can I say? I did a terrible job predicting last night's results. I got 0/4 match predictions right and only 3/16 game predictions right. The one match I predicted to be a draw (Seattle vs New Jersey) turned out to have the only decisive result! Tomorrow night, I will be back in the high life again though!

The Constant Underdogs: The Carolina Cobras Vs the New Powerhouse: The Connecticut Dreadnoughts that David Pruess Predicted to be the 2012 Eastern Division Champions 

IM Schroer- GM Hess 0-1 You never know with Schroer as he often does pull of some awesome upsets.. He did defeat Gelashvili in week 1. However, with a huge rating edge you have to give Hess the nod here. 

GM Kekelidze- FM Korley- 1-0  similar logic to board 1! 

FM Simpson- Harris 1-0 Harris is higher rated but Simpson has shown in previous league play, he could defeat some higher rated players! 

Colas- Swaminathan 1/2-1/2 Swaminathan will equalize out of the opening and hold his own! 

Connecticut shall continue on a path towards Pruess' prediction: Connecticut wins 2.5-1.5

Two Veteran Teams Shall Try to Break their Tied Lifetime Record: The Boston Blitz Vs the Miami Sharks

SM Sammour-Hasbun- GM Becerra 1-0 I had a very hard time predicting this results... My instincts tell me Jorge's wild complications will do him more good than harm though! 

SM Perez- FM Gulamali 1-0 A wild guess for a game between to wild players! 

Vilenchuk-FM Rodriguez 1/2-1/2 Vilenchuk is a Brandeis first year..  The last time the Boston Blitz recruited a Brandeisian was two years ago.. Who was that?--- Oh yeah, Evan Rabin, your loyal blogger. He didn't so well- got .5/2, so he got kicked off the team. Four years before that, another Brandeisian FM Steven Winer didn't do all that well in 2006 with a 1/3 score. He had a solid 1/2 score in 2005. So Brandeisians haven't had the best rep in the league, well at least on the Blitz;  GM Shankpanky has been a rock star on New England. Vilenchuk will turn the Brandeisian tide a bit; his first game, a draw will be the pivot! 

Silberman-Krasik 0-1 I don't know Silberman but with a large rating edge, I think Krasik will succeed. 

and all in all Boston shall win 2.5-1.5

Boston's Neighbors, the New England Nor'easters vs the Gmless but Strong Dallas Destiny 

GM Shankland- GM Elect Holt 1-0 Alhough Holt is improving rapidly and recently achieved his third GM Norm, with a rating edge and the white pieces, I have to give the other Brandeisian in the league an edge here! 

IM Wang- IM Vigorito 1/2-1/2 I don't know much about Wang but saw some of his results that are super solid. In the 2011 World Open, he had 6 draws and 3 wins. A draw is likely! 

Wang-FM Xiong 1-0 Instincts tell me there's going to be an upset on this board! 

Gater- Pellows 0-1. Despite being slightly lower rated, I think Pellows has an edge here. As he hasn't played much the last few years, I don't think his rating is quite up to his strength. 

and after 4 grueling games end, with margin of error in mind, New England will win 3-1

The St. Louis Arch Bishops Duke it out for the First Time with The Baltimore Kingfishers

GM Finegold- GM Huschenbeth 1/2-1/2 I never knew Huschenbeth before this season. His Fide (2536) is slightly higher than Finegold's (2493). Finegold is pretty solid and has the white pieces, so I think the game will end in a draw. 

GM Kaufman- IM Kannappan 0-1 Really a toss up between one of the best opening theoreticians in the US and a new guy in the US, who has a provisional 2481 USCF rating and drew GM Jimenez to tie for 1st in the St. Louis District Championships earlier this month. 

IM Bregadze- Wang 1-0 White pieces and rating edge here. 

Selzler-Larson 1-0 same note as board 3! 

and St Louis Wins 2-5-1.5!

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