Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rabin's Predicted Results for the 2012 USCL Season's FinalInterdivision Week, Part 2

As I'm writing this post on the night of Lennon's birthday I'll share with you all a  rendition of Paul McCartney's  famous tribute to John, "Here Today."

I was actually at that show on July 16, 2011. Check out my review here: http://adventuresofrabin.blogspot.com/2011/07/sir-paul-round-2-review-along-with-wee.html

The Philadelphia Inventors Shall Tryto Defeat (or even draw) the San Francisco Mechanics for the FirstTime

GM Erenburg- GM Kraai 1-0

IM Naroditsky- SM Fisher 1-0

FM Gorman- FM Lee 1-0

Wheeler-IM Costigan 1/2-1/2

and Philadelphia shall get on the Scoreboard against San Francisco, Philadelphia wins 2.5-1.5

The First Date Between the BostonBlitz and the Los Angeles Vibe

SM Sammour-Hasbun-GM Khachiyan 1-0

IM Kiewra- IMZierk 0-1 In the 2010 USCL Season, FM Zierk (SF) drew FM Kiewra (DAL)with the white pieces. This time around, not only are they playing with opposite colors, they both are on different teams, Boston and LA respectively. Furthermore, both players improved considerably, bothgaining the IM title since then. Instincts tell me Zierk is going tosucceed though!

Martirosov- GM Abrahamyan 0-1 Vadim is a rock but Tatev has shown that she is good at mixing things up with the black pieces!

Korba- Hanks 1-0 I don't know much about Korba, but he has been on a roll the last fewweeks!

And my old teammates shall neither succeed or fail Drawn Match 2-2

Two Teams with 3-2 Scores in Their Respective Divisions Go for Mayhem: The Seattle Sluggers vs The Manhattan Applesauce

FM Cozianu- GM Romanenko 0-1

IM Schneider- FM Milat 1-0

Sinanan-Shvartsman 1-0 I see a toss up here between one player Sinanan, whohas had all decisive wins so far this season, vs the solid Shvartsmanwho drew two solid masters thus far. Something tells me Sinanan willwin to continue to a rock star 4-0 score.

King-Lessler 1-0

and Manhattan shall get revenge for Seattle winning their first lifetime match Manhattan wins 3-1

The Arizona Scorpions Shall Try to Defeat (or even draw) the Baltimore Kingfishers for the First Time

IM Molner- GM Margvelashvili 1/2-1/2

IM Enkhbat- IMAltounian 1/2-1/2

IM Ginsburg-Defibaugh 1-0

Selzler- Mateer1-0 Selzler should be a favorite but this game also depends on the players' stamina and having either a poor or good start to the season. Selzler had a disappointing first half with two losses, while Mateer has a promising 1.5/2 score this season thus far.  

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