Thursday, October 4, 2012

The 2012 Season of the Commercial Chess League of NY Has Officially Begun!

Despite the fact that my last several posts have been USCL predictions, I am proud to say this has not entirely become a USCL blog. With that in mind, here's my report on the Commerical League's 2012 Season opener last night. For the fifth season in a row, I am a member of the Delfies Dilemma, led by the infamous captain Phil Toledo. The last three consecutive years, we won the Division A title each time.

However, I will not take much credit, as the last few seasons, I have played only occasionally, when I was home from school in New York. Last year, I only played one game. This year however, I definitely plan on playing most of the matches.

Last night, we started the season with a 3-1 win over the veteran team MetLife. On board 1, Nick Kleszczewski upset our Ashok Gandhi. On Board 2, our Joel Hernandez, who was making his league debut, defeated the league's president Phil Lehpamer. On Board 3, your loyal blogger defeated Ralph Frisch( see game below). On Board 4, our Vladimir Gramagain defeated Vladimir Steshenko.

Find more information about the league and the 2012 Rosters, see .

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