Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Expected Results of the 2012 USCL Season's Week 8, Western Edition!

Last night, reached a personal best! I got 75% of both game and match predictions correct ( 3/4 and 12/16 respectively). Let's see if I can keep up my Nostradamus skills for tomorrow night's matches:) 

As I added Hot Tuna's December 1 show at the Beacon, show to my calendar, I'll share a 2011 rendition of "I Know You Rider" of theirs for my acclaimed Youtube Video of the night! Of course, I did not forget my promise about the CSN review; that'll be published by the end of the week! 

Teams with Inverse Scores (2-5 and 5-2 respectively) Duke it Out!: The San Francisco Mechanics vs The Dallas Destiny 

GM Bhat- GM Chirila 1-0 

IM Wang- GM Kraai 1/2-1/2 Wang has solid 2-0 this season thus far, but is playing his first GM of the year. I don't think Kraai will push for much after he equalizes... 

FM Sevian- Safin 1-0 A toss-up but Sevian is younger and has more time for opening preparation. Look at his win in the New York Times over Manhattan player Alex King for an example of his opening wonders.... 

Chiang- Wheeler 1-0 

and San Francisco's playoff chances shall remain alive, San Francisco Wins 2.5-1.5 

The Seattle Sluggers shall Attempt to Maintain its Plus Lifetime Score ( now 1.5-.5) Against the Carolina Cobras

GM Akobian- IM Schroer 1-0 

FM Korley- FM Mikhailuk 0-1 

Sinanan- FM Simpson 1-0 

Jones- Feng 1-0 

Seattle Wins 3-1 

The Arizona Scorpions and the Miami Sharks shall Attempt to Break Their Tied 3-3 Lifetime Record

IM Molner- GM Becerra 1/2-1/2 A complete toss-up... At first I thought Mac would pull off an upset, then I changed my mind that Becerrra would come through and then I said draw... In 2011, Mac scored 1.5/2 against Beccerra... He's been playing pretty solid chess this season, so I'll say draw! 

IM Ginsburg- SM Perez  1-0 

FM Adamson- FM Rodriguez 1-0 

Rosenthal- Atoufi 1/2-1/2

and Arizona will gain a plus lifetime score against Miami; Arizona wins 3-1

The Los Angeles Vibe Shall Attempt to Keep St. Louis Archbishops off the Scoreboard in their Lifetime Record ( LA currently leads 2-0) 

IM Amanov- GM Finegold 0-1 

IM Kannappan- IM Kiewra 1-0 

Kavutskiy- IM Bregadze 0-1 

Larson- FM Yanayt 0-1 

and St. Louis will in fact defeat LA for the first time; St. Louis wins 3-1


  1. You posted 3 wins for Seattle and a draw match. Something is off.

    1. Thanks for the catch - prediction now changed to win for Seattle