Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Results Everyone Shall See in the 2012 USCL Season's Final Interdivision Week

Last week, I did great with game predictions, getting 10/16 of them correct on Monday night( a personal record! :) )and 9/16 on Wednesday night. I also got a successful 3/4 match predictions Wednesday night. Luck didn't come my way Monday night however, when slim margins made my match predictions only 25% correct, even though my game predictions were 62.5% correct.

On the larger picture, I give you my total percentages for the first half of the season! I got 19/40 or 47.5% of match predictions and 68/160 or 42.5% of game predictions correct. Let's see if I can do better in the second half!!

In honor of John Lennon's upcoming 72nd birthday on Tuesday, when these games will be played, I give you a 1975 rendition of his "Imagine".

A More Balanced Lineup than Usual from the Connecticut Dreadnoughts vs the Underdogs: The Miami Sharks 

GM Kekelidze- GM Becerra 1-0 Kekelidze hasn't been playing up to par so far this season but I think he'll pull out a positional squeeze in a KID here!

FM Rodriguez- IM Sarkar 0-1

SM Otchiyev- Haskel 1-0

Rosenthal- Colas 1/2-1/2

With margin of error in mind, I'll say Connecticut wins 3-1!

The Carolina Cobras Shall Attempt to get on the Scoreboard against the New England Nor'easters (NE leads 3-0) 

GM Ivanov- IM Schroer 1-0

FM Korley- FM Riordan 1/2-1/2

IM Yedidia- FM Simpson 1-0

Jones- Goldberg 1/2-1/2

and New England will be 4-0 lifetime against Carolina, New England wins 3-1

The Only Two Teams That Could Claim They Won More than One USCL Championship Duke it Out: The New York Knights vs the Dallas Destiny 

GM Gelashvili- GM Chirila 1-0

GM Holt- GM Charbonneau 1/2-1/2

Katz- FM Getz 0-1

Guenther- Barayev 0-1

and my beloved Knights shall be successful this time around! NY wins 2.5-1.5

The First Date Between the St. Louis Arch Bishops and the New Jersey Knockouts 

GM Finegold- GM Stripunsky 0-1

GM Benjamin- IM Kannappan 1-0

IM Bregadze- IM Kapengut 1-0

Balakrishnan- Larson 1/2-1/2

and New Jersey shall edge out a victory! NJ wins 2.5-1.5

I realize that I did predict a 4-0 knockout to the West; you're all (or as the Carolina and Dallas teams might say  y'all :) ) going to have to trust me that I wasn't biased!

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