Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who should win The "T Series?", the Boston Blitz or the New England Nor'Easters?

I'm not sure if the term "The T Series" actually exists, but I am going to borrow it from the "Subway Series." During last night's horrific hurricane, I got a mediocre 2/4 of game and dismal 6/16 of match predictions correct.

I'm not gonna waste time predicting the other matches for now as their lineups will likely change at least a little bit. Those will come soon, as quickly as needed! For a battle to see who reigns supreme in Boston, I shall share with you a 1976 live rendition of Boston's "More Than a Feeling."

Anyway onwards to the predictions!:

IM Zierk- FM Riordan 1/2-/2 Zierk is a favorite but he hasn't been playing much recently, now that he started MIT, and Riordan is a pretty solid player!

IM Yedidia- SM Shmelov 0-1 As shown in his recent GOTW draw with GM Holt, Shmelov is good at mixing things up!

FM Gulamali- FM Bournival 1-0 Gulamali has been a tear this season with a 3/4 record and 2611 performance rating- enough said!

FM Chase- Miller 1-0 These are two players who I have played against several times before. Chase shall steer the game away from complications with a KIA and be victorious.

and Shmelov and Gulamali will keep Boston's playoff hopes alive; Boston wins 2.5-1.5!


  1. How about the Sidewalk Series? It's only 1.3 miles from Harvard to Davis Square.

    In 1948 the Boston Braves won the National League and the Red Sox were in a 1 game playoff. If the Sox won that game, the series would have been played by two teams (practically) on the same street! The Braves played on Commonwealth Avenue where BU's football stadium is now, one mile from Fenway Park.

  2. Good point Matt. As of a matter of fact , when I played on the Boston Blitz in 2010, there were a few times when I would take the commuter rail from Brandeis to Porter Square with Shankland only to walk to opposite directions; him to the New England site at the Boylston while I would go to Harvard!