Friday, July 24, 2015

Tedeschi Trucks with Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings and Doyle Bramhall II Show Boston What's up!

On Wednesday, July 22nd I went with my friends Neil, Becky and Jon to see Tedeschi Trucks at Boston's Blue Hills Pavillion. I was excited as I have not seen the band since its two-night run at Boston's House of Blues last December. Meanwhile, I saw Derek Trucks as a guest for Clapton at Madison Square Garden in May, where they did a jammin' "Let it Rain". For those of you haven't been, definitely consider going to a show at the Blue Hills Pavillion. Definitely grab food and drinks beforehand as their food and liquor prices are even higher than other venues, but its a pleasant outdoor venue right on the Boston Harbor. Here's a picture of us in between sets:

You could see me wearing a shirt from Tedeschi Trucks' free show in Central Park in May. I actually couldn't make the show but one of my friends was nice enough to mail me it! 
Doyle Bramhall II kicked off the night's festivities. I was a little surprised as I didn't realize it was  double bill- Tedeschi Trucks and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, with Doyle being the opener. I expected Sharon Jones to open and Doyle be a guest. Havin been a relatively frequent guest for the Allman Brothers over the years, he's no stranger! The highlight of his set was a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Angel". 

Doyle Bramhall II on Guitar

Next up on the agenda was Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings' set. Midway through their set I remembered I saw them do a free show in Brooklyn a few years back. Sharon Jones is a wild funky vocalist who frequently dances on stage. My mind was all over the place thinking she was a mix of Angus Young with her frequent movement on stage and James Brown. She reminded me of seeing Lee Fields open up for Tedeschi Trucks the second show last December. I was startled when the band did a funky cover of "This Land is Your Land". To say the least, it was very different from the original song I used to frequently hear in elementary song. 

Tedeschi Trucks opened up with a number from its upcoming record, "The Letter", a John Cocker cover. The band then went into its last album's title track "Made up Mind", when Derek's infamous slide soloing kicked off. As the band does in almost every show, it played "Midnight in Harlem"; however, this time, there was a little twist with an extra long introduction.  Kofi Burbridge (for those of you that don't know, yes indeed Oteil Burbridge, The Allman Brothers bassist's brother) shined on flute during the Mountain Jamesque "Idle Wind", which lead into an extended drum solo. I experienced a flashback to The Rhythm Devils' drum solos back in Chicago. 

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings and Doyle Bramhall II came back on stage for the two song encore, made up of "Tell Mama" and "Sing a Simple Song. It was a totally different funky type of band than your typical Tedeschi Trucks Band. 

Doyle and Derek 
This show conveyed how Tedeschi Trucks has truly become a top tier band over the last few years. It has come along way since I first saw the band at the NJ Performing Arts Center in early 2012. While you could see some Allman Brothers influence on the "Idle Wind" and "The Storm" jams, the band does not rest on anyone else's laurels. The band's performance Wednesday night emphasized how it could successfully play blues, rock and funk. Stay tuned for more Tedeschi Trucks reviews as the Beacon run in September!


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  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the show. It does this old guy's heart good to hear young people like you and your friends are digging this kind of music. TTB is steeped in the traditional roots of the blues, however they also are students of American jazz, funk and soul. I say students because Derek really deeply studies the history of the people who created this music. Unlike his role in the Allman Brothers where he had to play a specific role, this is HIS and Susan's band and they are breathing their own unique ideas to this truly American music with a contemporary spin. If you can get to Lockn Festival in September to see their celebration of Mad Dogs & Englishmen - you'll get a very special treat indeed. Have fun!